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Here’s what some are saying about ArroWhere and its products.

It’s been two years since I received my ArroWhere jacket.   I want to share my enthusiastic approval for the finest outdoor clothing I have ever worn!! I wear my cycling jacket when I am ridding around town at night, during the day, in all kinds of weather conditions…from September to the early April…The Jacket repels rain / snow and helps me regulate my body temperature in 60 to 20 degree Fahrenheit temperature conditions.  It’s simply perfect!! The mesh liner insulates and breaths as needed.  The pit zips vent heat when open and the dual zipper allows me to further regulate performance.

All this, plus HIGH visibility with clear, universal, commanding, symbolism that cannot be confused.  I’ve washed it three times and it still looks new!

Grant (VA, USA)

Hi I have one of your vests and I wanted to say that it’s saved my life a couple times. I use everything to make myself visible – lights, flags..everything. But it wasn’t until I started wearing your vest that people really started to pay attention and give me space. So, thank you.
Anonymous (USA)

I was caught out late riding home one night from work. It was almost completely dark and I didn’t have any working lights with me at the time. All I had was my ArroWhere jacket. I wasn’t sure how visible I was to anyone else on the road and it was unnerving. A passing vehicle rolled down his window to ask me where I got my jacket, and at that point, I knew it was all I needed to help get me home safely.
David (Calgary, Canada)

Hi I bought a vest from you at Interbike and have to say that it already paid for itself when a delivery van spotted me at the very last minute and jammed on their brakes.
Matt (MN,USA)

I often ride to work and use a number of public roads to get there. I have everything (rear brake lights, high viz clothing, the lot), but never felt quite as safe. I saw your clothing (ArroWhere) and thought I would give it a try because really nothing else seems to work and you can’t put a price on safety and being visible to others on the road. At first, I was skeptical, but having now used the product for a couple weeks, I have noticed drivers giving me more room when passing and especially at dusk, when I’m barely visible to traffic, drivers are moving over for me still with lots of breathing room for me. Props to you guys (ArroWhere) for coming up with this. People seem to really react to the ‘Arrow’ and it’s certainly made me feel safer on the road.
Aaron (San Diego, CA, USA)

I swear people give me another 3-6ft of room when going around me. I never go out without my (ArroWhere) jacket.
Easton (Canada)

The jacket is great and really warm too! I cycled the other weekend coming back from a meal and my friend drove past. She later text saying how great the Arrow is and how she could see me from a mile off.
Becky (UK)

I have been using the ArroWhere jacket at nights, on rainy and cold days, and also when it’s foggy in the mornings. It’s the best protection one can ask for because the high impact reflection and obviously the magic arrow that helps to change the mindset of drivers who think it’s okay to drive past as close as possible by jeopardizing my safety.
Elsa (Estonia